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What To Consider When Choosing An SEO Company


We all know how much people depend on the Internet these days when they need to buy something. It's also common knowledge that most Internet purchases begin with an online search. So if you have a business, search engine optimization (SEO) should be part of your digital marketing strategy, or you lose out on that massive market out there.


With the sea of SEO service providers, however, how do you choose the right one?


Their Own SEO


We're not necessarily talking about rank here. By nature, SEO companies can take years to achieve strong, consistent rankings. For a more accurate representation of their own SEO, try searching for their company name online. Did they come up first on the results? What other pages came up? Was their meta description compelling enough? How do they rank in the local scene? Do they have the basics, such as a Google+ page, set up? Do you see them in other places online too? For instance, if you search for their company name, their website should rank first, their logo should show up in the image search, and their Facebook page should also be visible, click!




Does their website feature companies they've worked with, including case studies and reviews? There may be reasons to keep your client list confidential, but most SEO clients actually appreciate having their logo and link on the consultant's site. After all, it's free publicity! If you can't find any names of real companies on the SEO company's site, maybe there's a less than reassuring reason behind that. 




An SEO company that offers packages, such as "20 keywords for $700," or any kind of fixed pricing is probably not the best for you. They will simply get you into their system and let you go. Good SEO companies always begin by getting to know your business more before offering a quote. After all, they have to first understand your customer base, your current SEO position and your goals before coming up with a package that is likely to work for you.

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Open Communication


Finally, if you're going to have a successful project with a certain portland webdesign company, you better have a real and solid business relationship first, and that starts with open communication. They should be calling or emailing you from time to time to give you updates. If they can't communicate like this, you should consider another company that can give you enough attention.